CLASSIC Tattoo Balm 30g

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Capacity 30g
Use immediately after your tattoo in a thin layer. Tips in the description.
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Usage tips

Use it 2 to 4 times a day, in a thin layer after washing your tattoo gently with mild soap.
Remember to check in the description if in the composition you do not have an allergy to the components.

Store the balm at room temperature (not hot), a possible recrystallization of shea butter can happen, this is due to the change in temperature, it does not alter the effectiveness of the product in any way. The appearance returns to what it should be upon application to the skin.
We are looking exclusively for organic and naturally occurring components.

This balm also exists in Vegan.

INCI composition:

cocos nucifera *, butyrospermum parkii butter *, cera alba *, cannabis sativa seed oil *, helianthus annus seed oil *, calendula officinalis flower extract *, lavandula angustifolia *, melaleuca alternafolia oil *, pelargonium rosat *, tocopherols **, coumarin- linalool-limonene-geraniol-citronellol-citral-latex.
* Organic ** Natural

Composition in French:
Coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, hemp oil, sunflower oil (present in calendula), calendula macerate, fine lavender essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil, rose geranium, natural vitamin E, then : Allergens naturally present in essential oils - the latex is present in the shea nut.

Be careful with Essential Oils:
This balm is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, some essential oils can be photosensitizing.
Before using products containing Essential Oils, take advice from your doctor or pharmacist.
A tolerance test in the crease of the elbow is recommended (a little balm in localized application on a small surface), if a reaction appears (redness, itching ...) stop all application, wash with mild soap and rinse.
Attention for Asthmatics or Epileptics a large number of essential oils is not recommended to you.