Our journey and our philosophy


Each recipe is the fruit of the knowledge, constant research, and sensitivity of the manufacturer, we hope that this range will be pleasant and satisfying to you.

All tests carried out comply with cosmetic obligations and are not tested on animals.


We also check the certifications, traceability and analyzes of each ingredient we use.


We also recommend application methods to optimize the effects to be found in each sheet of manufactured products (balms).

Also concerned about the interactions between essential oils and health, we indicate the allergens present in each product, on each container, as well as in the product sheet for the balms on this site.

Constantly seeking the best, we find the organic or natural artisans and suppliers closest to us.


Our knowledge transmitted in plants was only the beginning, we have been training since 2016, in aromatic and medicinal plants, to be able to make healthy products.


In a dynamic of innovation, we never stop renewing ourselves to design new formulas.

French designers and manufacturers, our containers are recyclable.


Originally from the Cévennes and Garrigues

Nature is our heritage.




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